Charging Systems

We offer a wide range of bespoke automatic charging devices to help crematorium staff with their day to day operations. Each charging device can be adapted to the individual crematorium needs.

  • Robustly constructed from 40mm heavy duty welded steel section
  • Simple to use and built to withstand continual and heavy use
  • Specifically designed for bariatric purposes and rated for 65st (415kg)
  • Battery operated heavy duty hydraulic system
  • Motorised drive with central retractable drive wheel
  • Integral high power coffin loading via lead screw mechanism
  • Telescopic adaptor for accurate control of charge position
  • Free running roller and flat bed for driven or manual charging
  • Metallic powder coated paint finish with anti‐bacterial additive
  • 4 No. 152mm braked castors
  • Protective front bumpers
  • Accelerator drive control
  • Multi‐purpose use, compatible with existing refrigeration cabinets and body handling systems
  • Standard lift height: 430mm to 1980mm
  • Single button operation with electrical integration to Cremator
  • Works automatically in conjunction with cremator door for seamless insertion